Eleanor Forte sings "Silent Night" (Synth V cover)


Nice arrangement.

The lyric for verse 3 should be “Holy infant, so tender and mild”. :wink:

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Thank you for the correction. Already fixed it.

Sorry, somehow posted too soon and didn’t finish!

Instead of the rather odd:

“Round young virgin, tender and mild”

the lyric should be:

*“Round yon virgin, tender and mild”

Yon is an archaic word, roughly “over there”, as in “yonder”.

The lyric means, “All is calm and bright around the virgin over there”, not “There’s a round young virgin over there”, which the newer version sounds like. (I’ll grant, there are some really clunky lines in the song).

But it seems odd to remove “yon” but keep the equally archaic “thy”.   :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s not a terrible change, but it’s not the traditional lyric.

Finally, although some sheet music shows “dawn of redeeming”


I’ve never actually heard it sung like that, but instead as (sorry for the terrible cut and paste):


See: Silent Night with Lyrics | Christmas Carol - YouTube

But not to complain - it’s still a very nice version. :sunglasses:

Nice song, thanks for creating it!

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Really nice and so well done. Crystal clear on the vocals.

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Thank you!

Nice! I’m working on a cover of Stille Nacht with Saki.

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this is really pretty! I love the backing harmonies as well

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