Why does Saki Std Pro have a box, but not Saki AI Pro

When i go to the AHS Store, i see that Saki Standard has both a Digital and a Boxed version, but the AI only have the Digital, i wanted to purchase Saki AI with a box (for my first vocal synth, i was pretty hyped to finally have a box lol) but i see that they don’t sell them with AI or as an add-on like Anri, it was to know if Saki AI Bowed was in the work or not (or selling it as an Add-On like Audiologie has done for Anri)

Saki AI does not have a physical box. This is likely because there was originally a promotion that gave owners of Saki Std the AI version for free, so while that promotion was in effect the Std box technically included both versions.

Yeah but sadly this promotion ended more than a year ago (i think june 2020) so that’s quite sorry they didn’t made any boxed version of Saki AI after that