Eleanor Forte AI Lite - Innocence(by regulus)[rock cover]


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Nice! Pleasant melody, and nice backing. :smiley:

The following lyric isn’t correct English, because it’s missing a word:

I wanna be the [place] where you are
I only wanna be [place] the where you are

This was mentioned to regulus, so I don’t think they’d mind it being corrected. The simplest fix would be to change the to there, which is used in lots of pop songs:

I wanna be there where you are
I only wanna be there where you are

Good job with the cover!

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Thanks. It didn’t cross my mind to change the lyrics to make grammatical sense in English though.

Yeah, I can totally see not wanting to rewrite someone else’s song. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done Theodora. Holds together really well. Love how you end the song with acoustic guitar. Very clear vocals and I can catch every word. I know you put the lyrics in but i could get them anyway.

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Thank you so much! I’m glad you could understand every word.

Not bad, thanks for your creation ~

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Thank youuu!

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