【Eleanor Forte AI】 Someone you loved 【Synth V Cover】


Nice and expressive!   :smiley:

There are a couple spots that are a bit rough, like “someone you loved.

But all in all, this is well done. She sounds especially good in the lower register.   :+1:

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Thank you. I read somewhere that Eleanor Forte AI was actually a contralto, which would explain why she does better on the lower register, and poorly on the high notes. And that’s fine, but I just wish she could sing with more power. The tension parameter is useless with her. Maybe, hopefully, that will get fixed in a future update??

There are a number of different discussions about how to get power from her voice going on, so I’m holding out some hope on this.

With the Standard version, I found that if I shifted Gender toward “male”, increased Tension and added vibrato, these worked together to give the impression of effort. There’s also the new Tone Shift parameter that’ seems to shift formants, but I haven’t figured that one out yet.

But the AI voice seems to respond less well, and I haven’t had time to explore it as much as I need.

I wonder if glottal effects would have much effect. They were pulled out, probably because it was hard to understand how to use it, and the result wasn’t great.

There’s a plugin called Make Me Scream that’s on sale for fairly cheap can be used to add distortion in the DAW. Its not really a vocal effect, and I doubt it would work well because the actual glottal effect is an entirely different mechanism. But it’s inexpensive enough that I may give it a try.

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Great song, thanks for creating it!

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