[Eleanor Forte AI] Scarborough Fair ,Norse style

It’s my first time using Eleanor Forte AI. I use a minimal setting. Mainly test how good Eleanor Forte AI is? WOW… She is my new age goddess, my Sarah Brightman.
I suggest using earphones to hear :slight_smile:


Very nice! :+1:

The Norse/Celtic style works really well with the voice.

This is the first video where someone’s using a Linux system, so… :smiley:

acre should be pronounced EY K ER. It’s correct in the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary, which is what SynthV uses, so I’m not sure why it failed you on that word.

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Unfortunately syntV uses some old not complete version of this vocabulary. And if I changed it last time, the new update did again overwrite it with the old version. See this post in Pronunciation Megathread where you can download a complete version (but backup the old one)


OH!! It’s my mistake. I have heard someone singing like that . I just thought it’s a…some kind mediaeval English prounciation, so edited like that. I just re-listen to Simon & Garfunkel and Sarah Brightman’s versions. Indeed my mistake.

I will make correction in my next version . It will be a duet version with new BGM. For me, it is worthy to make a serious production for ‘her’ .

furthermore… Synthv Studio pro supports JACK Audio Connection Kit on Linux. It takes big advantage that I can do many things like with DAW but are without DAW,without exporting rendered wav. Just do anything lively. ( Simply understanding: JACK make your OS become a big DAW, so you can do many DAW jobs directly on your OS. )

Thanks to SynthV team for implementing the feature which I recommended years before. Also ,recommend SynthV team implement JACK transport feature. Then we can sync SynthV Studio Pro with other sequencers/DAWs (maybe on another computer),it will be very convenient for making songs. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

WOW! Thank you !! I just manually correct many pronunciation of words. :joy: it should help a lot!!

She has the ethereal feeling, thank you for creating it~

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Excellent tuning! It’s also good to see another Linux and Ardour user working with vocal synths!

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