ANRI AI svp-file

Hey dear folks!
i downloaded ANRI AI a few hour ago and got some bonus stuff within it. [really appreciate it!]
my question is [since i am completely new to it and didnt find anything on google]
what am i doing wrong with the svp files? i open them regulary and it works but i have no sound [just like a tone] and the lines in the piano roll are not select-able.
so i cannot edit it or hear ANRIs voice.
any help is appreciate! thanks in advance and have a good time everyone.

Basic edition of the editor is limited to three tracks. Either split the tracks across two projects or upgrade to the Pro editor.

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thanks for your response! hmm even i own the synthesizer v studio pro i have to upgrade an editor as well? i didnt know that. [i thought i bought already everything in pro edition]

SynthV Studio is the editor. Make sure you’ve activated the product (both editor and Anri) in the right side panel.

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I also notice in the image you uploaded only one track is set to Anri, the others are set to (no default voice). Make sure all tracks are set to the voice you want to hear or you’ll hear the default tone (sine wave).


really thank you so much! you are the one who always reply and help! i will check it out now.

yees! it worked! [i got the pro and activated everything] but the mistake was that i didn’t choose voice to each track. [i thought it would do it automatically because it is an ANRI named file] now i learned it! thanks again! btw i listend to your music on youtube! love it

is the only way to get this by buying her? will it come with her lite?

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This is a sample project file included with ANRI as a digital bonus package. I would not expect it to be available for free.

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maybe it was a pre-order bonus.

oh thats unfortunate. thanks for answering!