When and where is Anri Lite and Anri AI Lite going to be released.

According to her wiki page and a few looks around people said her lite should be releasing on december 18th, which it is. I’ve searched everywhere for it but I still cant find it. Has it just not been released yet? If so what time is she coming out and where?

The lite version is set to be released at 3PM EST today (approximately 3.5 hours from now). Check the page I’ve linked below for the download link once that time is past. Please note Anri is an AI voice only, there will be no “Standard lite” version.

oh my god i cant thank you enough. Im glad to know this because otherwise i would’ve kept googling and refreshing every 5 minutes till some voicebank came up

Anri AI lite is now available:

i went through and ordered her pretty much as soon as it came out. shouldn’t i have her by now?

this is what it just sent

this is what i got too, i filled in a fake address (don’t know why they would need my address to download the voicebank?) and now im pretty confused what is happening with the ‘order’, like is it actually going to download to my computer lol

apparently they messed up (?) or something.

weird, i ordered again and still got the same confirmation email :frowning:

You’ll receive a separate email with a download link.

same but i havent even got a second one yet for the other order

oh thank god

theres still absolutely nothing

With the paid version there were three emails, all of which arrived with some delay in between:

  • Order confirmation
  • Fulfilment email (“Your order is on its way”)
  • Download link

Just be patient, it’s a small company and I’m sure they’re processing things as fast as they can.

It looks like due to issues with the order fulfilment system, the link on the “About Us” page above has been changed to a direct download:


oh thank the gods thank you for sending that