Get a replacement code/trade codes

Okay so I probably should’ve posted this WAAAAAAAAAAY earlier but now even more its becoming more apparent to me. A while back I bought both saki and synth v studio pro together at this point you couldn’t just buy saki ai on her own or i would’ve as I’ve never once used her standard. Not a single time. I used the website that was out there in order to get my saki ai full paid version code and didnt think to keep note of it. Fast forward a bit and the DAY it disappears i lose all my files and by extent the synth v ones. At that point I didn’t realize that not getting my full version back impacted my work because not only am I not fluent in Japanese so I dont really realize much but I also didn’t own any other paid banks. After using Eleanor Forte AI vs her ai lite I can tell there’s a difference between them that I can only assume is present within saki ai lite as well and its really prevented me from wanting to use her much. I was wondering if I could get a replacement of saki ai or or at least get to trade out my saki code for a saki ai code. I didn’t know where else to ask so this was the best place. I can provide evidence of when i purchased her bank if requested and dont mind giving up the normal saki.

The only way to recover lost products (product key, install files, or both) is by contacting customer support of the website where you purchased the product. If you need to communicate in Japanese, type your message in simple, grammatically correct English and translate it with DeepL, then include both the English and translated Japanese text with your support message.

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alright thank you! Maybe i can finally get to use her full voicebank again that’ll be great