Eng custom library edit release

This patch for English voicebanks using the custom library will do the following -
1.) Allow Eng singers to read Japanese Hirigana . Using cv based characters . So, for the most part . English voices can now sing, Japanese users svp, vsqx, and usts in synth v.
2. Some, english edits were done to correct some english issues . Mainly vowels, words, and correct thingf like e is eh E is the english e , ay and ey are the samething, words with or should sound like oar , some other edits were done to improve clairy .

Below, is a test example of my cutom library : [Synthesizer V - Patch for English vocals download (removed cause reports.)

Here’s a direct download for my custom library : edit

In the future I will try to add custom eng to vcv jpn with this custom library edit. I may create a custom Chinese and korean English library edits.


This should be very useful, thank you very much for the dictionary!

No, problem :slight_smile: I just hope this basic library edit helps make jpn vsqx / vsqx ports to synth v much easier. Since, we don’t have plugins like what vocaloid had . There is a issue with ho in hirigana . Some reason one of it’s kanji characters will not work in synth v . I tried to fix it multiple times. So, there seems to be some limitations on what a custom library can do .

In the near future once I look at cvvc chinese banks . I will work on eng to chinese library edits . Since, that and korean library edits should be very easy to do XD

If there’s a library edit that youd like. Id be happy to work on that . When, Im not rigging mmd stuff XD Tho I do have plans for engrish libraries to help ai banks sound a bit cleaner . Tho thats gonna be alot of work . -.-

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is it possible to have a re-upload? thanks

Since, I forgot how to update stuff here . You can download my updated / backup eng 2 eng linbrary edit here : english-arpabet (mediafire.com)

This only works for cv romanji and hirigana usts and vsqx files ported to synth v . I have not added vcv junk to this library .