Help: Saki AI Keymatch Campaign - Dreamtonics not responding

Posting this here because I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some help or guidance (I have made posts regarding this before)

During Saki’s initial release, I purchased her during the keymatch campaign. I had to uninstall and then reinstall to an external drive to save some room on my computer. I followed all the deactivation instructions and whilst I was able to reactivate the standard bank, I can not reactivate the AI bank.

I contacted AH-Software since that’s where I purchased Saki from and was told by them that Dreamtonics handled the keymatch campaign aspect of Saki AI, however I’ve tried to get through to Dreamtonics (using the Inquiry email) and have not gotten any reply. This includes the link in the 1.1.0 update tweet from 25/12/2020 - which doesn’t work. It has been almost a month since I emailed asking for help and I have not gotten any reply even when searching Dreamtonics in my address bar - I’ve checked all my email folders as well

Who do I need to email/What do I need to do to get some help in this situation since I do not want to have to pay $120AUD for a voicebank I already own because of the keymatch event.


Has anything happened with this yet? I got Saki AI the same way, all my banks got deactivated by Kevin, and I have no idea how to reactivate the Saki AI bank either.

No, I never heard back so I ended up buying another copy of Saki AI