[Eleanor Forte AI + ANRI AI]Scarborough Fair duet(Norse style)

I make the new viking style duet (more serious work), and I corrected pronunciation. Thanks to dcuny and hataori .:slight_smile:
Besides, this time I added a nordic herdincall (imitated Jonna Jinton’s youtube video ). Indeed Eleanor Forte AI can make it!
Hi Tenaba , come to listen to my new duet version. :heart_eyes: Of course, this is also made by Ardour on Linux.


It’s amazing! The intro call and everything.
Eleanor is shining in this type of songs.

The parallel song of Anri - does it belong there originally or did you add it?

About Anri part, it mainly is from Simon and Garfunkel’s version in 1966. This kind of duet version have many different versions. For instance Simon and Garfunkel, Natalie Choquette …

Original version didn’t be described which war was. Most people would guess that it means Vietnam War. I rewrite its lyrics to change the context to Nordic / Viking , and I also changed the melody a little. :slight_smile:

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Nicely done, and good to hear another work with ANRI. The instrumental backing adds a nice atmosphere. I also appreciate you listing the software you used, as it always might help someone. I hadn’t heard of “Olive editor” before.

Olive is an opensource non-liner video editor. Its code have very high quality and almost don’t crash like Kdenlive. It runs smoothly. It have very nice “quick cut” design and nice automation. You can check out some tutorial video on youtube. Maybe this

I made the video by Olive editor.

Olive 0.1 alpha is already very good (not like a alpha software , just like a stable one),but its author abandon ver0.1 . He rewrite it from scratch as ver 0.2 (don’t know if it is stable now?). You can try it. :slight_smile: