Question about cangqiong AI

So I dont own cangqiong although i do really want her and I was wondering a few things. 1 is if i bought cangqiong on anicute would it come with standard and ai. two is is there any way i could maybe exchange voicebanks or something? I doubt I could but it doesnt ever hurt to ask

The AI versions of Quadimension products will be a free supplement for owners of the existing products. I have seen no indication of a pricing change so it probably doesn’t matter if you purchase beforehand or after, but there is no guarantee.

Since it is an AI conversion of a Standard voice, it is still unclear how they intend to distribute the new version since it will be considered a separate voice in the “Licenses and Updates” panel of the editor.

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Update: I did fine one indication that the pricing may change after the AI versions are completed, though we do not know for certain.

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Maybe a release date for the Cangqiong AI update? If you know :slight_smile:

Currently we’ve no idea. I’ve emailed AniCute and asked if libraries from them will be eligible for an upgrade, and whether or not Xingchen Infinity will be released by them too, but at the moment they just do not know.

Thanks Dojan :slight_smile: