Strange and annoying touch screen glitches

I use a 2in1 laptop and a the pen it came with to tune and every now and then I run into a few really annoying glitches.

The first and most common is that I get flung backwards while editing the pitch on the piano roll. The pitch also gets all messed up but CTRL+Z is able to fix it.

The second is very similar to the first but instead of messing with the pitch, it tries to select something. Here’s a vid of that.

The third is when I go to click on something off of the piano roll, Synth V acts like I’m scrolling. Here’s a vid of that.

There is no way to trigger a specific glitch and it also doesn’t matter what tool I’m using. Someone on Twitter recommended that I disable wintab but that’s not an option in my driver and I’m only finding. It’s not an issue with my pen because it also happens when I use my finger. Really the only way to fix this is to restart the program.

Try changing this, maybe having it enabled/disabled will fix it :man_shrugging: