Extreme feedback noise in files with many singers in 1.5.0

Hi! The recent update is absolutely AMAZING, but I’ve found an issue with files that behaved normally in the previous version, and some of which are now unusable.

In files with 4 or more singers (tested/confirmed it doesn’t happen in files with 1, 2, 3 voices), SynthV’s audio during playback has started sometimes producing an extremely loud feedback noise that will blow out my headphones. Playback continues through them and doesn’t crash SynthV, but more will rapidly start to follow if playback continues after one.

I haven’t been able to replicate it consistently, but it happens generally within seconds to minutes after beginning to work with a file, and has happened across more than one file. The noise is different every time (but just as loud), and I’ve had this error with and without cross-language synthesized voices playing (and with different languages).


Not that this should happen at all, but are you using the Basic (free) or Pro (paid) version of the editor?

The fact that it only happens with 4+ tracks might indicate some connection there, since the Basic version only supports 3 concurrent tracks (and while extras can be inserted, they only play the default sine wave tone).

Hopefully Dreamtonics can resolve this one quickly.

It’s the Pro version! I’ve done multi track pretty extensively without any issues on the prior versions too.

Considering the date, I don’t mind if a response isn’t immediate, haha! :slight_smile:

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Happening to me too, I’m using Pro as well. It’s happened to me with both Anri and Koharu Rikka. Gonna take it as a sign to stop overloading my poor editor with tracks for the time being, ahaha.

The latest update messed up something in my ASIO settings. You might try restarting your computer, and any sound things (audio interface, ASIO control panels).

This issue is happening to me as well. I’m using Synth V 1.5.0 with Eleanor AI ver 103 and Saki Lite 101.

Regardless of which track among 7 tracks being muted/solo, the feedback noise occurs during playback.

Interestingly, rendered wav files don’t contain the feedback noise.


I’ve just now had this start happening on a single-track file too. I had one instance where it actually appeared in the generated waveforms during playback–though I couldn’t get a screenshot in time–but adjusting the note it was connected to also got rid of it. Unfortunately, this is still unpredictable, and still happening as well when not appearing in the visible waveform.

I thought this was a performance issue, but since this was a single-track file and the only other thing I had open on my computer was a single chrome tab, now I’m not so sure. I’ve also noticed that waveform generation starts to take a lot longer than usual before one of these is about to happen, and then resumes to normal speed after.

A few more observations:

  • Although muting a single track (whose wave viz shows the extreme feedback noise as a vertical gray band) doesn’t mute the extreme feedback noise, DELETING the track will make the noise disappear.
  • Changing the note’s lyrics just before the feedback noise from お (o) to あ (a) made the noise disappear. Most interestingly, changing back the just-changed lyric (あ) to the original lyrics (お) DID NOT make the noise re-appear. However, applying the Auto Pitch Processing (Customize) thing again will cause the noise re-appear again.
  • On Note Property panel, changing the “深さ - 右” (“depth - right”) of the note from 0.0 to 0.1 smt. DID NOT make the noise disappear. However, changing it to 0.2 DID make the noise disappear. Sliding the value to 0.0 made the noise re-appear.
  • On Note Property panel, changing the other parameter such as “長さ - 左” (Length - left) to extreme values (0.0 and 0.5) did not make the noise disappear. However, tweaking “長さ - 右” (Length - right) did.

Given these observations, what I’m doing is:

  • When the noise appears, tweaking the previous note’s parameter a few times until the noise disappears. And avoiding the AI auto pitch processing (customize) for the particular note.
  • Delete the problematic track if not needed.
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I’ve also been experiencing this. Another thing I’ve noticed is that occasionally after the feedback, the track will be incredibly quiet.

I managed to capture some screenshots of the feedback! I was only able to attach one, but they’re both in the same place on the same lyric, though both are in a different key, and only two of five instances of that same repeated lyrics in the file have the feedback. The waveform of each feedback is slightly different.

They appeared the second time the track had to render after opening the file, and unless anyone has had a different experience, I’ve only noticed them during sil; be it on the edges of groups of notes, or outside the waveform in between them.

Unfortunately, when they’re edited out, different spikes of feedback will start appearing in following re-renders, though.


Not only those voice tracks, the spike noise occurs in “Instrument track”, too. The noise does not exist in the source “.wav” file. Once imported, the noise is there when the track is played with all the other tracks being muted. The noise appears in the "Mixed Down’ file, too. In this case, I am editing SATB+Instrument. The spike blip noise appears at the same position with both Alto and Instrument, but where Alto starts, after 2 measures of “lead in” Ensamble playing.

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some further discoveries too:

  • The issue now appears in all my files and in first startup renders, regardless of track count; seems to be getting worse? Considering more people are reporting issues like this & it started from files with many tracks, I wonder if this is some sort of perpetuating thing some people provoked earlier than others?
  • That made me think it might be cache-related, but clearing pram & SynthV’s cache didn’t affect anything. Reinstalls of SynthV/voices/etc didn’t help.
  • I saw someone else who reported this mention they’re on a mac; I’m also on OSX11.6
  • Tried using a standard bank over an AI bank and didn’t encounter any of the feedback (in that short time, anyway).

This is hard to test for considering how alarming the noise is, haha.