Extra/unnatural clicking "k" phoneme in specific note transition for Eleanor Forte AI

Here’s a video showcasing this.

In word format:
The phoneme transition is from [ dh ax ] into [ k ey ]. In the video, it initially plays smoothly and as (presumably) intended when [ k ey ] descends from the previous note by a whole step. However, when the note for [ k ey ] is moved to a higher note, ascending by a half step, the synthesis plays back an extra clicking noise before the [ k ] phoneme.

Even if I can probably find a workaround myself, this feels like it shouldn’t be here… I tested with Koharu Rikka AI in English cross-lingual synthesis, and Tsurumaki Maki AI English Lite, and it does not sound like this.

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I get this on all versions of Eleanor. I am used to recoding to a stem and then either gating or physically removing/reducing the clicks in a wave editor. Some of the other syballants also do this. I would prefer it not to be there, but it happens with physical singers as well.