Does anyone know how to buy Maki AI?

After hearing her full voice bank, I’ve decided to buy Maki. The problem is, I can’t find any sites in English to buy her from. Is AHS the only place you can buy Maki from? If so, is there a way to set the site language to English or the prices to USD? Thanks!

For the physical box, you can order internationally from

For digital purchases, you can still purchase from AHS even though the prices are in yen. Simply use Google to check the conversion rates.

While there is no English version of the AHS website, if using Google Chrome, your browser should have an option to translate the entire webpage to English.

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Please also note that while physical editions are available from, there are two boxes. One contains Maki JP Std + AI, and the other Maki EN Std + AI. There is no way to purchase only the AI version as a physical box:

Thank you so much!