Do any SynthV retailors have sales?

I’ve decided to buy SynthV Pro and some voices, but I can’t tell if I could get a sale or coupon if I waited. Do AniCute or AHS ever have sales for Christmas/Golden Week/Anything else? Thanks!

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I’ve not seen any sales on ANiCUTE, other than “early order” sales.


dlsite is having a site wide sale for 30% off your first order if you enter a promotional code during registration, as well as 18% off of all works until some time in january. they don’t carry every voicebank, but they do carry the AHS banks as well as the editor. not only that, but the editor itself is discounted, and said discount can stack. AHS also has some sales off of their banks and the synthv editor sometimes too

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Lol, probably deleting my internet history after going there, but those are some great prices. Thanks!