【Eleanor Forte】A Boy and a Girl (Original)

Hello. This is an original song.

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Hi, Wrothiland.

Nice melody and song.

But… the vocals are almost impossible to make out, as they are buried under the other instruments.

As a rule - and feel free to ignore unrequested advice from strangers :sunglasses: - there should be one main thing going on at a time. All the instruments should be supporting that one thing.

That’s why the singer stops singing during the guitar solo, and vice versa.

And another rule - again, feel free to ignore - is that vocals are king. They’re the most important part, and the other instruments need to support the vocals, not compete with them.

When the keyboard is playing louder than the singer, it’s like listening to a shouting match. The keyboard already had 40 seconds to play their cool riffs. Have them lay back and give the vocalist a chance.

Not only will it add some variety to the arrangement, but the absence will make it sound even better when it returns.

Again, nice work! :slight_smile: