Feature Request: Shift+Tab for going back to the prior syllable

The Tab key moving forward to the next phoneme works fine.

But Shift+Tab isn’t implemented, and it’s an odd oversight since it’s a standard convention.


You can use Ctrl + Tab.


Indeed, you can. Thanks! :smiley:

But there are some follow-up questions:

  • Why not Shift+Tab? It’s the GUI standard;
  • Where’s the user manual?

Seriously, Dreamtonics. Update the user manual.

Making customers find how the software works via release notes or asking on the forums is not a good way to grow a customer base. It’s like I’m using beta software or something.

The Dreamtonics team is small, they are focused on technical development and may not have the energy for anything else at the moment. They have added a status bar in Synthesizer V Studio, but I will admit that this doesn’t show enough information either.

Yes, but what good is a feature if users don’t know about it, or can’t figure out how to use it?

Technology isn’t the only way to grow a company.

I know it’s hard to have documentation when you have multiple languages to support, and limited resources.

But I’ve worked for some very small software shops, and we always had current documentation. Because without it, you to lose sales.

OK, end of rant. :roll_eyes:

Agreed on Shift+Tab

In fact, I wonder if it’s feasible to include complete keyboard customization. Kanru, I know you love Reaper :smirk:

Shift+Tab would be preferable to me also, it doesn’t appear these controls are configurable like many others, hopefully it will be added to the list in settings.