Feature Request - Visibility

The current implementation of Synthesizer V has a number of visibility issue that make it difficult to use:

  • The contrast between the colors is low, making it hard to see what is on the screen.

  • The indication of note state - focus, inactive, active, selected - is difficult to make out, because the difference in color is so slight. Notes that are inactive (because they overlap) are difficult to discern from regular notes. It would be helpful if the note with current keyboard focus had an additional indicator (for example, a border).

  • Scrollbars are virtually invisible. They are already difficult to see because of low color contrast and transparency. But when a song becomes long, they become so small they can become very difficult to find. (Being able to scroll using the Tab key would also be helpful, but I put that in another request).

  • The size of the font makes text difficult to see. I’ll often have typos that make it into my final song, because I can’t see an /m/ has been used because of an /n/, or some other mistake. Adding the option to scale the items would be very helpful.