Feature Request - Find Lyric

Partly because of the size of the notes, it’s often difficult to find lyrics.

It would be useful if a Find option were available that could find selected text. Similar to a standard Find dialog, it could:

  • Search forward and back for matching text
  • Select all items that matched
  • Have an Prior and Next option for moving to the next/prior matching note

Additionally, it should have an option to search the phonemes instead of the text.


if I may add, the possibility to open a window in which you can see as text all the lyrics you inserted in the song on all the notes.

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To accomplish this you would select all notes (ctrl+A) and then open the batch lyric input (ctrl+L).

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Regarding the original topic, nearly a year late but I recently finished a set of scripts that hopefully fulfill the requirements above.

Primarily, Find Lyric, a script that displays a dialog allowing you to find a note with the specified lyric or phonemes, searching forward or backward.

Due to the scripting capabilities of SynthV, there are two main limitations. The dialog is “blocking”, as in you cannot interact with the editor while it is open, and there is no way to have “Prior” and “Next” buttons, so this is accomplished with a “Search Backwards” checkbox which modifies the behavior of the “OK” button.

The default behaviors can be modified by changing the variables declared at the top of the file.

The following scripts should help supplement this core functionality:

Select All With Lyric accepts user input and selects all notes with lyrics that match. There is also a checkbox to match phonemes instead of lyrics.

Select All With Phonemes is the exact same thing, but saves you having to click the checkbox each time.

The rest of the scripts don’t offer additional functionality, but can offer easily hotkeyed shortcuts to find/select a note that matches your current selection instead of needing to interact with a dialog box.

For example, you might bind [ and ] to find the next/previous note with the same lyric as your selected note, and { and } for the phoneme equivalents.

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