ANRI AI full version issues

Hello everyone. I bought the full version of ANRI AI, and I’m wondering if I’m the only one who thinks she sounds bad? Her voice sounds muffled, like it’s stuck inside a box or something, and the quality of the sound is just not that great, only slightly better than the Lite version. I had this exact same problem with Eleanor Forte AI, and it seems to be worse with ANRI.

There’s no question that the sound quality - in both time and harmonic resolution - for the AI voices is lower than the Standard voices.

But I’m not hearing the kind of absent high-end you’re describing.

Did you make sure you’ve got the most current version of SynthV Studio? The latest release should have some improvements in sound quality.

Also - and I apologize for asking such an obvious question - you’re sure you’re not accidentally rendering the track without aspiration?

Hmm, I do think most AI voices have a bit of a clarity issue (including other engines like CeVIO), but in my experience it isn’t so extreme like what you’re experiencing.

Maybe try rendering the sample project for “Programmed 2 Love” (included with Anri) and see if your output seems comparable to the official version. At least this way we can identify if the issue is with the voice library or specific to your setup.

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