I'm really confused on how to get English voices that are now availalble, HELP!

Where can I find these voices? Is this something that is bought from somewhere??? I cannot for the life of God locate these voices, all I have are the lite versions, and they cannot be updated. I updated to 1.5.0 hoping to take advantage of the English voices…please help direct me provide easier links, in English please…so confused.

Voice Updates

All of the following voices will support cross-lingual singing synthesis upon the update.

Saki AI v118

Qing Su v103

Tsurumaki Maki AI (JPN) v107

Tsurumaki Maki AI (ENG) v103

Koharu Rikka AI v115

Tsuina-Chan AI v103

Eleanor Forte AI v103

ANRI v103

Qing Su is technically not available outside China. You can find the Dreamtonics TaoBao if you want - or just wait for it to become available internationally.

The rest:

(no, they’re not in English, but I can vouch for both sites. Use the page’s language feature, or Google Translate)

Voice libraries are sold by various distributors:


Anicute (Eleanor Forte)

Audiologie (Anri)

Eclipsed Sounds (Solaria pre-purchase)

amazon.co.jp (for international purchases of AHS’s physical editions)

For Quadimension products, some are offered through Anicute, but otherwise you must purchase from Taobao. Buyers outside of China may need to make use of a proxy service:

Similarly, Qing Su is only available via Taobao:

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Thanks so much. I was like googling around trying to match names. So confused. Why can’t the links just be on the synth v website. Anyway, thanks a bundle.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks so much Claire. That list is exactly what was needed.