What note range does Eleanor Forte Lite sing best in?

self explanatory- what’s her best pitch? what preferences do you have for her vocal range?

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Depends on the genre and other things.

I am working on a happy hardcore cover right now (even though I know she is suited more for ballad/orchestral).

I adjust her phonemes a lot to sound more natural since she has a tendency to pronounce every single letter/consonant. I have her range around C4 along with tension all the way up and slightly raised gender and pitch shift too. It also depends on how you tune her, in fact I don’t do any of my tuning inside of SynthV but this is still very important to learn to get her to sound good. Good mixing and mastering can also go a long way as well.

You can make most voicebanks work with most genres but you really have to do a ton of tweaking just to make her actually sound good especially for genres she usually isn’t naturally suited for.

TL;DR There isn’t really a right or wrong way you just have to know what you’re doing and how to execute it correctly depending on the situation.

edit: added a minor detail i missed about my Eleanor process. Also note: I use Eleanor Forte Lite voicebank and I have SynthV pro and I do all my tuning in Vocalshifter if you’re wondering what I used.


Personally her c3.5 to c4.5 is good . Tho if you go into the opera range c4.5 to c5.1 should be her max highest range . Anything below, c3 doesnt sound good .

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