AI Lite English voices sound kinda drunk

Is it just me or do the lite AI English voices sound a little tipsy (slurred and wavery) when you use auto-pitch tuning? I think it’s just how it works, but I found it kind funny.

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I believe lite versions contain less training data than the full voice, so they don’t have the same level of realism.

Also, what settings did you use when running auto pitch tuning? High “improvisation” settings will cause the AI to stray further from the exact notes, and especially with lite voices can have strange results as the AI attempts to mimic human improvisation.


As claire pointed out, you need to be careful with the level of improvisation in Auto Pitch Tuning, or you’re likely to end up with something pretty dreadful.

Also, make sure you’ve got Enable Pitch Correction checked in the Auto Pitch Tuning dialog.

Is that in the basic version of Synth V? I don’t see it.

Extended customization options for auto pitch tuning are exclusive to the Pro edition of the editor.

Got it, thanks!

Sorry if this message is not for this thread,but it is related. I wondered how many English voices are in the Pro version? When I tried this software last year, there was only Eleanor Forte. Has this changed?

There are no voices included with the pro version. “SynthV Studio Pro” refers to the paid version of the editor. The free version is called “SynthV Studio Basic”.

The voice you used a year ago was “Eleanor Forte lite”. Voices labelled as “lite” are subject to various limitations and should be treated as a trial or demo.

Many lite voices can be downloaded from the link below. Exceptions are Eleanor Forte AI lite and Anri AI lite, which are available from Anicute and Audiologie respectively.


For more information about where to purchase voice libraries, see the linked post. Note that current English libraries are Eleanor Forte AI, Anri AI, and Tsurumaki Maki (Standard and AI versions available), with Solaria AI coming soon.

Non-English paid voices can also sing in English as long as it is an AI voice library and you are using the Pro edition of the editor.

Very helpful and thanks. I’ll explore these distributors of voices.

Thanks, Claire. Very helpful. Do you know if there is any news about a male English voice coming out anytime soon?

Do you know if there is any news about a male English voice coming out anytime soon?

The version 1.5.0 update notes say that Dreamtonics’ male English AI voice will release in “early 2022”:

Dreamtonics is determined to diversify the line up of voices. A male AI voice database native in American English, first teased in June 2021, will be available for purchase in early 2022.

Latest demonstration at timestamp 5:11 of this video:

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Thanks, Claire. Getting excited…