Problem with 1.5.0: Sudden bursts of loud noise

I have a problem with 1.5.0 in Cubase:
Sudden very loud bursts of noise, about a second+ long.

Here is what happens:
I work on a song and everything seems to be normal, playing back fine. All of a sudden, playing a phrase that has played fine just before, Synth V will produce a very loud burst of noise for ~2-6 seconds. Once that starts happening, Synth V will repeat this at the same place in the timeline.

Restarting of live rendering does not seem to help. The rendering of the waveform in Synth V also looks normal, despite the noise.
Restarting Cubase helps temporarily, but after a while the problem will occur again, not necessarily at the same place.

CPU for the song is at about 30% according to the Cubase performance meter. The Apple CPU indicator shows even less CPU load.

Please help - this is a really disturbing problem. System is a MacBook Pro, 32GB RAM

Attached an audio sample. (70.2 KB)


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Can you confirm if your situation matches?

I see the problem with 3 tracks.

The sound also does not sound like feedback. It’s simply noise. And very loud, making me fear for my ears. :frowning:

I do have the Pro version of Synth V

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I should add I used two different voices - 1x Eleanor Forte AI, 2x ANRI AI.

I thought the same, but from the audio sample, they’re a little different; this is several seconds of noise of a different tone, but still very similarly extremely loud. Strange that it doesn’t appear in the waveform, either.

Does the issue still persist if the notes are adjusted and a new waveform is generated? Is this the only file this has happened on?

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Yes, the issue persists when restarting live rendering, or modifying a note.
It goes away only when restarting the DAW, as far as I can tell. Sometimes after a DAW restart it will v again happen at the same spot, but not usually. I have not seen the issue, as far as I can tell, before moving to 1.5.0

Note that the mergers in The DAW stay pegged all the way to the top even after hitting stop. Only muting the Synth V channel will drop the meters back to 0, after some delay.

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Just hit the issue again in another project - this project only consists of one audio track and Synth V - nothing else. I only have 2 tracks of Synth V.

In this case, the error only is a fraction of a second, as opposed to the multi-second sample I attached earlier.

In this case, there also is an artifact in the wave form. A grey “bar” right before the note starts.

See attachment,


I will go back and check in the other projects if I see something similar

I checked in other projects - no visible sign in the wave form. Since then, the issue appeared again in this same project, and this time also without a visible sign in the wave form.