Could I publish my own original song with SynthV basic and make a profit with it?

Hello, I’m new on Synth V. I’m little bit confused about the EULA. What if I make my own original works with Synth V basic and publish it for profit without paying the license? Other scenario is making my own original works and publish it before buying the license first, instead buying the license after publish them for a few weeks/months at social media platform? Lastly for school project the teacher asked to make your own original and upload to social media platform without buying the license from this application. What will happened to the works and will it be fined for a certain amount of currency?

It does not matter which edition of the SynthV Studio editor you use, the “Pro” edition simply unlocks additional features. Commercial use restrictions only apply to voice libraries and their associated characters.

To elaborate, “lite” voices cannot be used for commercial purposes (index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 ( You can use “lite” voices for non-commercial purposes, such as social media posts that are not monetized.

At the time of writing I believe all paid voice libraries allow commercial use, however this does not mean you can profit off the character associated with the voice. The terms vary somewhat between each voice library.

For example, if you purchase Koharu Rikka you can sell any music you make with her voice, (エンドユーザー使用許諾契約書|Synthesizer V|製品情報|AHS(AH-Software)) however you must request permission from Tokyo6 to make money off the character’s name and image ( This is why many producers do not include the name or likeness of the character in the bandcamp page for a song.

If you attempt to make money from a piece of music created with a voice you must have commercial rights at the time of publishing.

As long as you do not monetize the social media post, you can do this with the Basic edition and a free “lite” voice. (Edit: Please also be aware that any music made with a lite voice must mention in the social media post or description that a lite voice was used: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (