Eleanor forte ai code says not valid

My computer is about to go out of this world so everytime I leave Synth V, I deactivate everything so I don’t lose that activation. I went to activate Eleanor Forte AI again and it says the code is invalid. I emailed Volor about this and they said the code was valid, despite it not working. In the chart they sent, it said it had been used 4 times but I’d only used it on this computer, is it possible to remote deactivate all of the codes?

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There is no way for a user to remotely trigger deactivation. Unfortunately only Volor/Anicute support can assist with this.

The only thing they said when I contacted was, “This code is valid”

Of course I can’t guarantee that they will reset the activation count, that is their prerogative, however that is the only way.

Did you only ask whether the code was valid? They may have misunderstood your inquiry. You might just need to reply to the email explaining the situation in more detail, and ask if they are able to help.

Edit: I do find it interesting that they have 4 activations on record. Product codes only come with 3 activations. This leads me to believe that the list they provided includes activations that have already been revoked, and is not a list of “active” activations. This raises a couple possibilities:

  1. As we assumed above, all activations have been consumed
  2. The activations are available and reactivation is failing due to network issues while connecting to the activation server (maybe try a VPN?)
  3. Some sort of bug with Dreamtonics’ activation server (unlikely)

I think it’s something on Volor’s side because I know I haven’t used the product 4 separate times, which brings the question of who is? I posted the activation thing showing the error in a synth v server, but they all have Eleanor ai already so I doubt it’s one of them. And someone else said they were having the same problem with their code for her.

Make sure to mention this if you reply to the support email.

I emailed them about it again so only time will tell what happens

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