Unable to install Voicebanks (On Linux)

Hi!I need help.I found out how to download synthesizer v studio (basic) on a chromebook using linux, but I’m unsure on how to install voicebanks on it.I’m not sure whether i should just drag the file into the program, or something else, like putting it into the database folder. I’ve been looking up articles, but all are outdated.If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it.

On other platforms the process is simply to drag and drop the .svpk voice installer from the file system into the SynthV Studio window, at which point you should be presented with an installation dialog. This should also apply to Linux, though I have seen chromebook users run into issues with this method in the past (Voicebank won't appear in the track).


I drag the .svpk file into the window, and the file just bounces back to the file system.There is no installation dialog, nor any voicebanks in the license and updates window.

Try opening the SVPK file with Synthesizer V Studio by running a command like “./synthv-studio ./voicebank-installer.svpk


Though I did need to make some changes to the commands, thanks to your help it worked!!! I have Eleanor Forte Lite installed on to Synth V!!!Plus,now I know how to install other voicebanks!I can’t thank you both enough <3


Pls tell me the command

Here, I list the commands for maki and eleanor here:

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