Can an AI hum?

Hi , beginner here. I was searching here and on the net if I can make Eleanor Forte AI HUM between or after some words like in “ he was on a journey…hmmmm hmmmmm” the hmmm”s with a melody of course. simply tying in hmmm or mmmm or hum did not work for me yet.Are there any special signs with phonemes for that (like the /hh/ for breathers)? Maybe somebody has a list of these special signs?
Thanks for your time. Happy vocalisations!

You’ll want to use the m phoneme, but a large part of what makes a hum sound the way it does is how it’s muffled since the mouth is closed. This can be done in your DAW after the fact with a low pass filter or similar EQ.

To be clear, enter just the m phoneme above the note. Entering it as a word (directly in the note) will result in dictionary lookup. (Edit: it looks like the default dictionary translates mm to the m phoneme, so you could also enter it that way)


You can hear humming at the start of this song:


Thanks! That did the trick. I also found out that the reason my mmm and hmmm were not generating any note below the text was because of a program problem (or logic dealing with the plugin in my case). I would try both hmmm, mmm as phonemes with no text and nothing would come up. When the part then scrolled an open grey type-in box moved along on top of everything else. I could not get rid of it or close it with enter. Only after a complete restart was that gone. anyway : thanks for the clear and fast answer!