Activation trouble (unable to connect to activation server)

I’m using Synthesizer V Studio Basic Edition 1.5.0 on Windows 10. I am trying to activate GENBU’s paid voicebank, but whenever I press OK after entering the code, it says “Please check your internet connection.” My internet connection is working perfectly fine with everything else I have tried.
I’ve tried the following:
-checking for updates within the editor
-turning off and on my WiFi connection
-changing connections (my house has a few different extenders used to connect to the network)
-restarting my PC
-uninstalling and reinstalling GENBU + SVS
-disabling my antivirus

After all that, it still yields the same error. Is there any solution to this?

Are you able to try activating while connected over VPN? Obviously a VPN should not be necessary to activate the product, but it’s probably worth a shot if you’re able.

I was able to solve it; as it turned out, I had a firewall rule set up that I had forgotten about. It seems the error was my own doing rather than a bug on Dreamtonics’ server :sweat: