a method of dividing the " of " into two syllables

I’m going to have “of” pronounced in two syllables.
I wrote ‘ahv - hv’ or ‘ahv - hve’, but I think it’s very strange. I’d like to pronounce it like that like the of in the video below, but how should I write it?

(The pronunciation comes out at 1:14.)

The way Gura sings this note is more like a pitch bend. You have two options:

  1. Change pitch deviation during the note to produce the desired effect
  2. Enter - in the note to continue the previous lyric (“of” is spread across multiple notes)

(My pitch bend and notes shown here are for example, not exactly how Gura sings.)


OMG, are your ears golden? This is exactly the same as the pronunciation of the video. Thank you for your cooperation.