Synthesizer V Pro VST Ableton Crashes

Running Synthesizer V Pro VST in Ableton Live 11 is causing many crashes and lock-ups of Ableton. Especially if you try adding a second voice to Synthesizer V Pro. Windows 10, latest versions of Ableton and Synthesizer V Pro.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?


UPDATE: Fixed it. I reinstalled Synth V Pro. I accepted the default installation path. Works fine now. Seems Synthesizer V Pro does not like you changing the default directory or disc when installing.

To the developers: don’t let users change the installation path and default drive if it breaks the program.


Great to hear. :grinning:

Please let me know if you have any problems using it with Ableton, once you have had enough time to evaulate it.

Thank you

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So far so good but only the first hour of day one since purchase. Will update if any problems.

Thank you very much.

Good luck with it!

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@ ArkAngel so far it has worked perfectly in Ableton. No crashes, Tempo syncs well with the DAW. Having the VST is really good, it makes working on a song much easier.

Hi @NewHeart ,

Thank you so much for letting me know. :grinning:

Yes, I agree, using the VST “live” inside your DAW does make it a lot easier.

I used to sync the old version of Synth V up to Ableton via its included network connection.

I am so glad the VST will replace the need to do that.

I will no doubt purchase it myself very soon.

Thanks again, and good luck making that hit record! :crazy_face:

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What is the default installationg path for the vst?

On Windows I believe it’s C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\synthesizer-v-plugin64.dll

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Thank you! Wow, I would never have expected this to be a problem. Would be really nice to be able to install anywhere, since I’ve already filled a couple of disks with music-related things. Anyhow, thanks.

It was really crashy and stopped playing vocals altogether until I installed to the default path. Well, hopefully it’ll keep working anyway.