Qing Su Activation Code No Longer Working

So I recently bought Qing Su from TaoBao. I activated her when I received the code, then deactivated her and then I tried to activate her today and it gave me the error, “invalid activation code.” Is there any way I can fix this or get a refund? I received the code on the second of January.

We’ve seen a few people post similar issues lately, unfortunately with little success in resolving the problem. You can try the following:

  1. Try again later - it could be that the activation server is having issues
  2. Try to activate over a VPN - it could be that you are unable to reach the server for some reason
  3. Email Dreamtonics and ask for their assistance - though unfortunately they’re notoriously hard to get a response from. Customer support and user documentation are the company’s two weakest areas.

Do you happen to know Dreamtonics email? I’ve been looking for it but I couldn’t find it

Hmm. I thought there used to be a general contact email at Contact | Dreamtonics株式会社, but now they only list “[email protected]” for business inquiries… if they removed their support email that would be concerning…

@moderators Does anybody still monitor this tag?