what phoneme or key can be used to reduce breaths/noise after a note?

like, something for a full silence after a note. Sometimes the ‘sil’ leaves a bit of breath and I don’t want that.

This appears to be a “feature” in the AI voices. For example, I see that shows up with Anri (AI), Eleanor Forte Lite (AI) and Solaria (AI).

The simplest thing to do is follow the last note by another note with a non-existent phoneme, such as .x (or just a blank lyric):


Make sure the notes don’t touch, or it’ll add the release aspiration anyway! :sob:


At that point, even if you move the “empty” note away, it’ll retain the silence:


So just pull the “empty” note further to the right, until SynthV removes the silence: :+1:


Then you can move the “empty” note back in place - just don’t attach it to the prior note again. :wink:

Does that fix your problem?



Only the ‘sil’ is gone yet I can still hear the breath.

Can you post a bit more information, such as:

  • The voicebank
  • The word
  • The duration

A screenshot (just of the notes) would be helpful in trying to duplicate the issue.

You can also edit theBreathiness in the Parameters.

I noticed that as soon as I made a change, SynthV regenerated the audio and put the breath back in.

The best solution is probably to set the Render option to split out the aspiration out onto a separate track, and mute that portion in your DAW (requires the Pro version of SynthV):


I got it.

Just had to edit the breathiness and loudness.

I was currently using Solaria, but it was stronger for Eleanor’s. For some Chinese vbs, it was nearly the same issue. Well, it’s more like a weird prolonged ending consonant.

Thanks for your help!

And btw, I have version 1.5.0 but I don’t have the Aspiration Output option.

I believe that the Aspiration Output is only with the Pro version.

Glad you got this resolved!   :smiley:

Oh I have the Pro version. I don’t have that Aspiration Output though.

Are you sure? It’s one of the features of the Pro version.

Open the Render panel by selecting the icon: image

Look near the bottom of the panel, under Format:


Choose the Aspiration Output option As extra files (isolated)