Renri (R1) 迷蝶の嵐 by Radio_tidaltail

this is my first creation of Renri (R1)

This is the song of a butterfly.
She doesn’t trust her powers 100%.
But she has the passion to take a new step.
She is waiting for the typhoon to come. It’s a risky gamble, but she tries to ride the storm’s wind and go far away.

In Japan, during the typhoon season, it is rare to see butterflies flying from the southern islands hundreds of kilometers away.

That’s where I got my inspiration.

by the way, this is my first time using souncloud.too many scam like messages.
do you have the same?


Nice work!   :+1:

There are some interesting dissonances in the song I wasn’t expecting (like at 3:42). They would make a lot more sense if I understood the lyrics.   :grinning:

On SoundCloud, I get spam messages of this type:

SONG NAME i can make this song blow up for you go look at my cover picture on here my contact is there

If you’re ever heard any of my songs, this is impossible.   :rofl:

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thank you for listening to my music :laughing:

oh,really? I couldn’t recognize the note as a dissonance​:grinning:that is natural expression from my experience.hmm… interesting.

those messages are so annoying.I’ve had the spams to me twice in the last ten minutes since I created my new account.:weary:

I guess it just shows off my unsophisticated ears. :rofl:

If you click the trashcan icon, you’ve got the option of flagging it as spam.

But yeah, that stuff gets old real fast.

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Ok! thank you dcuny :smiley:


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