Synthesizer VST does not run on mixdown in Studio One

I’m running Synthesizer V Studio Pro (latest version) as a VST in Presonus Studio One 5.5 (so latest versions of everything) in Windows 10. SV works very well except that on mixdown/export (to WAV, MP3 etc) SV does not run, i.e. SV does not follow the host (Studio One) and so the synthesized vocals do not play and so are not recorded with the rest of the song. Normally SV follows the host, e.g. when I scroll Studio One to bar 5, SV goes to bar 5 too, or when I play Studio One, SV places as well, always at the correct bar. It is only on mixdown that it will not follow, so no SV sounds are exported. I can’t make SV render to an audio track either, so at the moment I have no method for getting the SV sounds into my final mix. Does anyone have a solution for this please? Peter

EDIT: Found a partial solution for this - GHOST OUTPUTS in Studio One #S1withGregor - YouTube - but this is a workaround and it would be great if SV could be made to follow host on mixdown.

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