svstudio (on manjaro) is TINY (how to change scaling for HiDPI screen?)

I hope the tiny-ness comes across in this screenshot. In general, I find I need to have my font settings (in my system settings) set to 196dpi for making everything else work. Synth-V seems to not obey that.

BTW- I didn’t really know how to install SynthV studio from the download on the website (using the Linux Link), so I used svstudio-bin from the AUR to install it through the Manjaro pkg manager.

Unfortunately there is no in-app scaling yet. There have been feature requests made (Feature Request: Scaleable UI / text) but unfortunately we do not know if Dreamtonics plans to fix this.

I’ve found that the Windows 10 app scaling setting does work on SynthV, however this scales the entire desktop and I have not found a way to apply this to only SynthV Studio. It also does not respond to text scaling alone, it has to be global scaling for Win10.

I’m not sure if there is some similar scaling setting you could use on your OS, but if you can find something that scales the entire app rather than just the font it might work.

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Thanks! That was pretty much my next idea anyway lol!