(On Manjaro Linux) Installed Studio Pro from the Linux folder included in the zip (And confused)

(I uninstalled the aur pkg because I did not know how to activate that version, and figured I might need to use the version I got when I purchased SVSP…)

Well now I have activated SVS-Pro, but when I try to launch it from my usual applications-launcher (with super-key), it’s not listed as a program anymore.
I don’t know how to launch it without going to my documents folder now? How do I make this behave like other applications(which I installed through Add/Remove Software)? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I’m kind of new to Linux in general.
Guess my main question is this: How do I get this program to appear in my applications?

I included some images of how my files are organized… I actually couldn’t get the application to open on it’s own (the version I got in a zip file when I purchased it a while back) so I tried the aur version and THEN I could open the program normally.
I could even install AND activate my copy of Maki AI (en) in that version. Then I tried activating the editor as well, by double clicking the ‘synthv-studio’ executable located in the Synth V Studio Pro section of the installer zip, and it opened now, but as a separate program, and since it was at least prompting me with a ‘enter key’ dialogue, I switched from using the AUR version to this one.

Oh and, it seems to be installing a whole new program for each update, instead of just updating and replacing the old version… Or at least it seems that way to me. Am I going to have to deactivate, then activate, and reinstall all my voices every time I update synth V on linux?

PS: Also, what if I accidentally, say, uninstall an activated version of synth v studio pro, or a voice database… Will I never be able to deactivate that key? Or will it at least deactivate that key for me?

How do I get this program to appear in my applications?

Well you gotta create a .desktop file for SynthV Studio Pro. Copy this entry to a text editor of choice, save it in ~/.local/share/applications with a name you want, say, svstudio-pro.desktop. Remember the .desktop extention. After that, run kbuildsyscoca5 in the terminal to update the applications entry (assuming you’re using KDE Plasma, cause you’re using Dolphin file manager in the screenshot)

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=a high-quality singing synthesis software
Exec=~/Documents/Synthesizer\ V\ Downloads/Synthesizer\ V\ Studio\ Pro/synthv-studio
GenericName=Hybrid sample-based/AI voice synthesizer
Name=Synthesizer V Studio Pro

The AUR package is SynthV Studio Basic edition, which require no activation except for paid voicebanks.