8 6 LoFi Cover Rikka AI Lite & Saki Lite (Tagalog)

Not me forgetting to tell literally anyone about the thing I worked on for months lmao.

The normal voices do well with imitating other language phonemes (aside from lacking an L or similar sound), I made this a bit before the cross language update so there’s that. (Oh well, that’s for the pro version anyway. Really cool feature! I got really excited about it when I heard the demo.) I don’t know the language too well, but with spanish being my mother tongue helped a lot with understanding the pronunciation from the original video haha. Still, I’m sorry for any mistakes. I also experimented a lot with the parameters, which honestly just made me even more excited to someday buy the pro version and a full voicebank haha. (If I ever end the whole broke student phase).

Not only that but I got carried away with the artwork too. So many unused frames. Slowly I’m getting the hang of making a video. This time my biggest mess up was the audio quality. I’ll try to upload it to soundcloud one of these days (the holy site that doesn’t wreck my wav files and makes me turn them into mp3)

Also my first time doing a cover completely from scratch! It didn’t surprise me to not find any ust’s for this song really, but oh boy was it not hard. If anybody wants the svp file just talk to me and I’ll see how I can share it! Anyway with that out of the way, enjoy and thanks for listening!

Currently working on a Rikka AI gira gira cover, so we’ll se how tha goes. I’m still working on the vst though. I’m goiing for realistic hopefully (Though the AI VB themselves are pretty realistic already hoho.)

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It’s exotic. :smiley: :+1:What are the lyrics about?