Script: Transpose in Key

Hi, here’s my first Synthesizer V script.

It will transpose notes while staying in key, useful for creating harmonies.

Translations welcome!


Thank you very much, impbox! Very useful function indeed.

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Thanks! I’m glad it’s useful!

How do I download it? I click on it, and since it’s only the LUA file, it only gives me the source code. I wouldn’t know what to do from there.

Download the lua file and put it in the synthv scripts directory.


Thank you! Now, I’ve got it working.

How do you download the Lua file? I don’t see a download option.

Right click → Save As…

I did that, and saved it on the scripts folder. But it still doesn’t show up…

You need to save it into the scripts folder and then run Rescan


It should then show up as:

Nevermind, I got it to work. For some reason, it didn’t save as a Lua file, but as a Text file.

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Hey impbox,

Thanks for your handy script:)
And I’ve modifed the script a little bit which add a checkbox to let user choose to put those selected note in new track + traditional chinese translation.





Thanks! That is a great addition!

Thanks Impbox :slight_smile:

I want to contribute your script about translation.
Could you share a link to the git repository?