Synthesizer V 星尘 Infinity 开启预售


平行四界开启 SynthV「星尘 Infinity」 中文女声 AI 声库的预售!在首发一个月内能以 712 元(优惠 100 元)的价格购买声库,先前购买过星尘 V4 声库的老用户则再便宜 100 元,只需 612 元!



Quadimension is opening the pre-order for the SynthV “Stardust Infinity” Chinese female AI voicebank! You can purchase the library for 712 CNY (100 CNY off) within the first month of launch, and for those who have previously purchased the Stardust V4 voicebank, it’s an additional 100 CNY off, only 612 CNY!

Get the link:


Great :). Still eagerly waiting for an english male AI english voice.

If you are using Synthesizer V Studio 1.5.0, then all AI soundbanks can sing English, including this one.
Her English audition: 虚拟歌姬调校教科书《7rings》 瑞安Ryan feat.星尘Infinity_哔哩哔哩_bilibili

For english male AI voicebank look forward to Dreamtoncs scheduled for release in the spring 2022.

“spring 2022” :(… I hoped early 2022 (as stated in DT update communication message) would mean early months of 2022. Guess I’ll still have to use the “gender” parameters of female voicebanks for a few months to emulate male english voices in Synth V.


He at least made an appearance at the Kyomachi Seika/Tohoku Zunko/Tohoku Itako livestream today. He sang “Dancing in the Binary”. They also introduced a new Japanese male singing “Tsubasa”. It’s toward the end of the video.

Anyways, back to the original topic. It’s nice to see Xingchen coming around. I do have her V4, so I’ll be sure to take advantage of that discount.


Hey thanks for the info :). They sound good. Can’t wait to work with these voice.

Synthesizer V AI 星尘 Infinity 即将发布:Synthesizer V AI 星尘 Infinity 即将发布 - 哔哩哔哩