Why isn't Solaria on the voicebank list on the Dreamtonics website?

Are there any others that aren’t?

It looks like Anri, Minus, and Qingsu aren’t listed either.

There probably isn’t any “reason” necessarily, considering one of Dreamtonics’ own voices is absent.


huh. Are those three newer as well? I think Anri is, but I don’t remember which ones the others were. (If so, it could be a haven’t-gotten-around-to-it/setup thing; multiple other voicebanks have been added recently, so they could just be adding more of them onto the page over time instead of dropping them on it all at once.)

Anri and Qingsu are both relatively recent, but Minus was released in September 2020. Also Seika is already listed there less than a week since release.

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Yamine Renri is also not there.

The line up update is definitely not very consistent. Minus was out since August 2020, Renri R2 was out since October 2021, Qing Su and ANRI in December, and SOLARIA in January. Yet everyone after Minus, Tsuina-chan, and Seika made it on, so there’s been some in-betweens.

I agree with @claire . There’s probably not really a “reason” to be honest. Just something that might come when it comes?

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