All of my products are now deactivated

When I opened Synthesizer V Studio Pro today, I noticed that the editor seems to have been deactivated for my machine. Not only that, but all of my voicebanks seem to have been deactivated, too. Is there a way I can fix this? I don’t want to try to reactivate my voicebanks for now, while this issue is happening. Not only that, but it seems this situation may cost me an activation chance.


Try again later. The launch of the Dreamtonics store caused high traffic and the servers went down for a while, causing products to display that way simply because the server could not be reached.

If your products were actually deactivated I’d try to contact Dreamtonics support to ensure you haven’t lost an activation count, however based on what I’ve heard from others this is likely a temporary problem that should resolve itself.

I’m seeing the same issue. I just installed and activated Kevin.

This caused all my other licenses to deactivate, including the SynthesizerV Pro Studio. Note that these prior licenses we in place on my machine previously, so it’s not a new install.

SynthesizerV Studio then crashed, so now I’m being prompted to re-activate the Studio Pro. I’m sure it’ll want to re-activate the voices as well.   :roll_eyes:

Oh dear, I hope that didn’t permanently consume an activation… That would be quite a problem.

I’ve sent an email requesting that Dreamtonics reset the activation count.

Hopefully they can resolve this soon, as there are a number of other voices I’d like to install.

Otherwise, I’ll have to deactivate all the licenses on my machine, install the new voices in the Basic version, and then reactivate them all over again in order to keep from losing activations.

That’s assuming that deactivating lowers the license count. I’ve never read exactly how the activation count actually works. :roll_eyes:

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Here’s the response I got back from Dreamtonics:

We are sorry for the inconvenience. However, you can simply recover your activation status on your original devices using your original Activation code.

So it looks like no further action is required. :smiley:

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underscorepie, could you verify that reactivation resolved your issue?

Dreamtonics says this will not cost you an additional activation.

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This happened to me today too, had to re activate everything

Do tell when they fix this. I want nothing to do with reactivation.
Fix this Mr. Hua please.