Getting Stardust (Xingchen) in America

Is there any place to get Stardust (Xingchen) in the US, or is only able to be bought in China?


Currently there is no international availability. If you are able to purchase directly from Taobao that is an option, but for international buyers it may be easier to use a proxy service.

Do keep in mind that purchasing from a non-English/non-international distributor means if you need customer support at a later date you will have to communicate via a translator (rather than communicating with AniCute, for example, which offers support in English as well).

This is the page for Quadimension products via the proxy service “ParcelUp” (Stardust is specifically the 「星尘Infinity AI声库数字版」 item). There are other proxy services available, this is just the one I am aware of. “Delivery” occurs after payment, at which point you provide the proxy service your email address and they purchase from Taobao on your behalf.


Neat. I think I’ll just cross my fingers for an international release.

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Updating this thread with the new link, since the items on Taobao have been reorganized and Stardust now has her own page:


Is that link you gave for the boxed version? (is there a digital dl version, btw?) Also have you bought Stardust in this way?

As far as I am aware there is no physical version of Stardust.

Personally I don’t have Stardust (yet), but I have purchased other Quadimension voices as well as Qing Su through ParcelUp.

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how do they like. get them to you. Via email?? do you give em an email address when u make the order? still, i’m gonna hold out for a while longer on buying stardust in hopes that they start selling her on an easier to buy from storefront. I wish the dreamtonics store could simply sell all of the voices ;_;

Yes, the proxy service confirms your email address and then provides it to the seller (Quadimension), and you receive the product codes and download links via email.

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Sorry, I know this thread is months old, but does that mean that you have to pay the proxy rather than Taobao?

Yes, that is correct.

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Thank you! :pray: