Roy voicebank

Can Roy even sing in english now when the multi cross languge is implemented?

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Currently, all AI voicebanks support cross-language synthesis, but you will need to update both the editor and the AI voicebank to the latest version.

Thanks, Why do they say that the voice has different language?
Is a good cross over?

I’ve got the Ryo AI voice and the Studio Pro.

Ryo’s native language is Japanese, and he’ll sound best in that language.

His English is synthetic, in the sense that the voice provider never provided the phonemes in English. Instead, they were converted into English by a neural network.

Ryo has a slight accent when singing in English. I’m sure he’s got no accent when singing in Japanese. :wink:

So letting you know what the “native” language is lets you know what you’re buying, and knowing what language he’ll sound best singing.

And as LinR_PN said, if you haven’t got the Pro Studio, the only language he’ll sing in is Japanese, because the Basic Studio doesn’t support cross-lingual synthesis.


thx for the info. i’ll go with mr kevin then.