Is there a way for me to remotely deactivate Saki AI?

Hello, I have my copy of Saki activated on 2 PCs at the moment, and I am trying to activate her on a 3rd, but it won’t let me, saying I have used all my activations with her and will need to deactivate her from 1 PC. I heard that there was an issue with the authentication servers a few days ago that caused people to use one of their activations unintentionally, so I was wondering if there was a way for me to verify this and deactivate her on one of these duplicates. Thanks!

If it’s any help, I bought her from Anicute.

You should contact Anicute and/or Dreamtonics to verify. It’s unfortunately a bit unclear how exactly the activation count is tracked, and currently there is no remote deactivation function.

Do keep in mind that the license for SynthV products only allows one simultaneous activation. While you can technically activate on multiple computers at once, the intention of the extra 2 activations is to account for unavoidable loss such as hard drive failure, not to activate the product on three computers at the same time.

I asked Dreamtonics if there was a way to verify the activation count myself, but for security purposes, they aren’t making that available.

Based on what they described, it sounds like Dreamtonics has a database that tracks the code and the device the code is tied to. That way, if you re-authenticate to a device, it doesn’t add to the authentication count.

It also means that the program only needs to connect to the Dreamtonics when you’re authorizing or deauthorizing. For normal use, it wouldn’t need internet connectivity - which is good. For example, you’d still want to be able to use SynthesizerV if Dreamtonics’ server was down, right?

But if that’s the case, I don’t see how a mechanism to “deauthorize” remotely would work.

Obviously, Dreamtonics is the one to contact, as they know how their software works.