How to match the rhythm of a note when covering a song

Hello, I’m the one who started to join Synthesizerv this time. I’ve been admiring Synthesizerv’s amazing technology for a while, but I’m very happy to buy a program this time.However, it was nothing but a beat that hindered me. When I cover a song, it’s hard to keep time even if I take notes according to the instrument. Please give me some tips.

(Please understand that I use English using a translator.)

Tip how to determine a tempo of the covered song:

I use this free demo program of Auftakt from Zplane zplane Licensing - Technology

See Demo App PC or Demo App MAC on the page.

It will tell you the BPM of the song and you can set the tempo of your track.
It is not as good as paid version, sometimes it tells tempo at double speed or half speed.

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