Apple Silicon support for macOS SynthV? (+bug report)

Recently bought Kevin, and am loving it so far! I noticed some performance hiccups here and there (namely sometimes beginnings of phrases render as a SUPER loud/distorted beep, tho this may be a bug with the voice? Eleanor Lite doesn’t seem to do it). Noticed that when I look at the Activity Monitor, SynthV is running as an intel program being emulated through Rosetta! I’d love to know if there’s a Universal Binary version in the works, since I haven’t yet bought the Pro editor, and I wouldn’t want to only find out it’ll never be able to take full advantage of my computer’s hardware!

If not a Universal Binary, please fix the bug mentioned, as I’m worried if it keeps happening it may damage my speakers as it’s startling loud even with volume at 20%…

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I had the same issue too.
I didn’t find it on Saki AI so I thought it was a library issue, but thanks to you I found out that it could be another error.

When the same file and version of Song library was the same, the symptom did not occur in the case of Windows.

I hope Dream Tonics solves it quickly.

Oh, and there is no apple silicon native app in the PRO version either.