Does synth v studio basic even use a sf2 file when using a non singer ?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if Synth v studio basic / paid version uses a sf2 file ? I know the gen 1 build had a sf2 in the root location of Synth V . But , when I check my installer locations on my external hard drive (E: ) , and the following locations on my C: drive
C:\Users\dio\AppData\Roaming\Synthesizer V Editor
C:\Programs C:\Programs 84x Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio
I can not find any files that hint at what file contains the audio samples . For when you play the piano notes in synth v . When, you dont load a voice for a project .

I wanted to replace the default sound with a tenor saxaphone sf2 file I created . But, Synth v studio seems to be doing something different with the audio .

I did check most folders where Synth v installs stuff . So. Im at a loss where the sf2 synth v uses is placed at .

The default tone is a simple sine wave. There are no samples.

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Isn’t that the same thing Cadencii did ? I wanted to replace it with a grand piano sample now . Tho Im not familar with sine wave files .

There is no file. It’s a waveform that is generated in real time, in the shape of a sine wave.

If you aren’t familiar with basic waveforms this video may be helpful:

Thanks for the info . Kinda stinks we can’t swap out the auto generated file . Cause, it would help with tuning in synth v alot easier XD